Emily Cunniff is an associate attorney at McKinney Figini, LLC. After graduating from American University in 2015, Emily clerked for the D.C. Court of Appeals and began practicing law in 2016. Emily was inspired to become a lawyer after earning her master’s degree in social work and working with disadvantaged populations.

While she initially intended to work exclusively with people struggling with substance use disorders, Emily found that she could have a greater impact by expanding the scope of her work to custody and divorce cases. She also has a strong interest in the policies that affect children and families in the court system. As an attorney, she uses her social work skills to help assess issues related to child development and custody. She connects with clients by allowing them to feel heard and directly participate in the outcome of their legal cases. Emily prides herself on being highly knowledgeable about her clients’ situations, as well as using thoughtful and well-planned presentations during court proceedings. Emily also believes in the power of pro-bono work and helping families from different financial backgrounds. She utilizes the trust that her clients place in her to oversee a legal solution that is right for them and their families.