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Whenever the courts get involved in family matters, it can be serious and upsetting. However, this is sometimes necessary to reach a fair decision, one that is right for all members of your family. These situations can include deciding who gets physical custody of your children, the amount of child support one parent should pay the other, who pays for the child’s health insurance and child care, or whether a spouse receives alimony. For example, did you know that according to the US Census Bureau, fewer than 44% of parents who are due child support receive the full amount. McKinney Figini, LLC  can help you with your child support issues. 

Washington, DC and Maryland Child Support Lawyer

Our family law firm has a wealth of experience in divorce, child custody and child support, adoption, LQBQT+ issues, prenuptial agreements and other family law matters. Our practice areas include Washington DC and Maryland. As Meg McKinney, one of our partners puts it, “Our goal is to help our clients navigate a wide range of life’s transitions with dignity, through representation tailored to their unique situation”.

We seek to take the “scary” out of legal situations involving your family and make sure that you have the legal representation you need. We appreciate that every family’s situation is unique. That’s why we take the time to sit down with you at our initial consultation and learn what is important to you and your family and what concerns you may have. We want all parties, especially children, to feel good about the decisions we help bring about.

How is Child Support Calculated?

In general, child support payments are calculated on gross income. There may be credits given for things like having other minor children at home or other existing orders, paying for health insurance coverage or other expenses.

Failure to Make Child Support Payments

When a parent fails to make child support payments as ordered by the court or provided in an agreement, for whatever reason, this may place him or her in contempt of court. This can have  serious consequences. Our attorneys can help resolve issues related to unpaid child support.

Child Support Modification

It is not unusual for circumstances to change after an initial child support agreement or court order. Child support modifications are sometimes made if a parent has a significant change in income. Modifications can be handled through the court system or by agreement, and it is important to consult with a family law attorney before seeking a modification.

Why Choose McKinney Figini, LLC for Maryland and Washington, DC Child Support Cases

Your family is the most important thing in the world to you. That is how it should be. That also is why you need an attorney with experience in family law. Family is too important to risk  hiring an attorney who does not have this type of experience or, worse, trying to represent yourself in a child custody or child support matter. At McKinney Figini, LLC, we have the experience, the training and the persistence to make things happen for your divorce, child custody or child support case. We understand how stressful these situations can be, which is one of the reasons why we work to get a resolution to your matter as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It is understandably difficult to be unbiased when you are in the middle of a family situation. What seems fair to you at the time may just be your hurt rising to the surface. Conversely, you might just shut down emotionally and not be able to fight for the child support, alimony and other rights that you and your children deserve. Having an unbiased third party, like a family law attorney, can help you see through all the emotions of the situation and arrive at an equitable arrangement with your former spouse, parent of your child or ex-partner.

We always put the needs of the child ahead of all other considerations, just as we know you do. Our family lawyers know who to talk to and what actions to take to get custody disputes, financial support disputes and other family law concerns settled fairly and quickly. If at all possible, we settle these matters across a conference table, not in open court. 

Schedule a Consultation with Our Washington, DC Child Support Attorneys

Do you have questions about a Washington DC child support order, child custody, or other family-related court order? Are you ready to discuss your case? If you live in the District of Columbia or Maryland, give our family law attorneys a call at (301) 818-9120 or complete our online contact form. We’ll be in touch immediately! The attorneys in our law office have been helping families get the representation they deserve for more than 30 years.

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