Strength. Wisdom. Clarity.

For all families.

Strategic guidance for people who are
defining, or redefining, their family relationships.

McKinney Figini has unparalleled experience and expertise resolving even
the most complex and sophisticated family law matters with grace. Our family law firm provides solutions that
take the long view, foster healthy family dynamics, and find focus for our client’s future.

Areas of Practice in Maryland and Washington DC

Constructive family law solutions
for all families.

Fam Divorce


Divorce is hard even under the best of circumstances. You need a divorce attorney with a process that is as constructive and efficient as possible to make it less so.

Child Custody

Child Custody

You want what is best for your children. Choose a child custody attorney who puts their interests front and center with tried and true strategies that reduce conflict and improve long term outcomes for your family.

Child Support

Child Support

No matter how your family is structured, your children need access to sufficient financial resources. Choose a child support lawyer who can secure the support your children deserve.


Prenuptial Agreements

Marriage is a legally-binding contract. Enter into it with an appreciation for the resulting commitments and obligations. A prenuptial agreement allows partners to align on financial and lifestyle issues, gaining clarity and confidence.



Mediation puts you in control in a way that court proceedings cannot. Avoid unnecessary financial and emotional drain with a divorce mediator who can bring parties together for an amicable outcome.


LGBTQ+ Issues

Members of the LGBTQ+ community face unique family law complications. A firm that is in tune with and experienced in resolving client matters related to same sex marriage, cohabitation, and nontraditional family structures is not only an ally, but a strategic partner, too.

At McKinney Figini we value,

  • Conflict reduction. We cut down contention and strive for considerate compromise to reach resolutions with grace and dignity.
  • Child-centered resolutions. We put the well-being of children first, always.
  • Client-focused futures. We place clients at the center of the decision-making process, never losing sight of attaining their vision of their family’s future.
  • Clarity and confidence. We bring clarity where there is confusion, focus to the path forward, and strategic guidance that creates confidence.
  • Constructive processes. We move your matter forward with efficiency, open communication, and collaboration.

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