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A prenuptial agreement is a written contract drawn up between you and your spouse before you are legally married. This legal document can set forth the terms of the financial partnership, including what happens in the event of a divorce. It can also address what happens in the event one spouse dies.

Every single person who gets married is entering into a prenuptial agreement, but many of them do not know what the terms are of that agreement because they do not know what the law says about the financial relationship between spouses.

Most states have specific laws relating to marital assets, spousal support and a survivor’s rights upon the death of their spouse. If spouses do not plan ahead, the law can cause complications down the road, especially if either party has children from a prior relationship or a complicated financial situation.

Our results-oriented attorneys at McKinney Figini can help you evaluate your individual circumstances to come to the right conclusion about how you would like to define your future financial partnership.

We also make it standard practice to discuss the different ways a prenuptial agreement can be drafted to financially protect both parties and establish a firm foundation for the marriage.

Understand The Agreement You Are Signing 

Our law firm views a prenuptial agreement as an important tool to make sure both parties fully understand and have an opportunity to discuss the terms of their financial partnership, while simultaneously addressing each party’s goals and concerns.

Having this type of agreement in place removes uncertainty and could eliminate a potential costly financial dispute in the future if the marriage does not work out. A similar agreement can also apply to cohabitation situations and other circumstances where parties need to define the terms of their financial relationship, particularly if there is joint ownership of property.

The attorneys at McKinney Figini are happy to discuss your specific situation and/or financial obligations if a legal marriage did not take place but you live with your partner.

Speak With a Family Law Attorney 

Ready to discuss your options regarding prenuptial agreements? The knowledgeable and compassionate family law attorneys at McKinney Figini understand every relationship is different.

The perfect solution for one couple may not work for another. We will meticulously evaluate everything to help come to the right conclusion for you. With more than 75 years of combined experience, we have seen many different types of household situations and financial circumstances and confidently feel we can find an amicable solution for you.

Our lawyers are here for you to answer questions or address any concerns you have about your individual circumstances. We can be reached at (301) 818-9120 or by completing our online contact form and, once received, our office will be in touch quickly. For flexibility, our firm offers both in-person and virtual appointments.

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