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Krestha Apostol

Legal Assistant
Serving clients in Washington, D.C. and Maryland with unparalleled strategic vision, wisdom, and integrity.
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About Krestha Apostol

Krestha Apostol is a legal assistant at McKinney Figini, LLC. She graduated with a degree in computer engineering from the Philippines and has been working alongside Meg McKinney for 11 years.

Krestha plays an integral role in the daily operations of the firm. As the senior legal assistant, she processes and files important court documents and helps welcome new clients into McKinney Figini. Krestha appreciates that McKinney Figini’s lawyers listen carefully to their clients and will advocate for mediation in many cases rather than a possible grueling court battle. As a proud mother, Krestha also values the firm’s focus on children in family law cases.

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