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Divorces and other family disputes do not have to be a stressful and highly emotional process. Rather than allow a situation to get to the point of entering long, drawn-out, and expensive litigation, one route people can opt to take is mediation. Mediation can occur at any time in the legal process. 

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a non-litigious approach to settling all types of disputes, which involves an objective third party to assist in finding a resolution. In a family law dispute, this type of service is a great opportunity for parties to come to a resolution that everyone can tolerate without having to resort to a costly court battle. When meeting with an experienced mediator, all parties can have their story heard as they work toward finding mutual ground.

With the assistance of a skilled and objective third party, many people find they are able to effectively work through their disagreements and issues in a constructive process. In the end, parties can effectively avoid the emotional and financial drain that comes with a trial.

As a result, parties generally have more control over the outcome and are more satisfied with the results.

The McKinney Figini Approach

The skilled mediators at McKinney Figini are frequently appointed by the court or selected by colleagues to help resolve family court issues, such as child custody, child support, alimony, distribution of property, and any other issues that emerge during the divorce process.

Our mediators are well-versed in child development and the social science research regarding children of separation and divorce, which allows them to help parents focus on what will be best for their children in the short- and long-term. To help parties settle their financial differences in a more amicable manner, our attorneys focus on helping parties quantify potential outcomes and do a cost-benefit analysis.

When our attorneys engage in the mediation process, they bring a neutral perspective, years of experience, and creative solutions. Through our skillful and patient approach, we are able to settle most cases without the need for anyone to enter a courtroom.

Creative Solutions to Difficult Problems

Are you ready to save time and money by exploring mediation? We are here to help. Our family law attorneys at McKinney Figini can be reached at (301) 818-9120 or by completing our online contact form. A member of our Washington D.C. metro area-based team will get back to you as soon as possible. For your convenience, our law firm offers mediation both in-person and virtually.

We understand divorce and other family disputes can be difficult and stressful processes. We can help you navigate your circumstances with dignity while tailoring a solution to your unique situation.

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