Helping you navigate life’s transitions.

Life’s transitions come with enormous challenges and uncertainty.

Whether you are just forming a family or find yourself restructuring yours, you need a team who appreciates what is at stake and has the experience, wisdom, and empathy to advocate for your future with grace and dignity.

Our compassionate and results-oriented family law firm focuses on helping all families reach amicable, creative, and pragmatic solutions to their premarital, divorce, child custody, child support, and non-marital relationship matters, no matter how emotionally or financially complex they may be.

We help traditional and non-traditional families, including LGBTQ+, build solid foundations, preserve financial security, and find clarity and confidence for the path forward in Maryland and Washington DC.

McKinney Figini has unparalleled experience and expertise resolving even the most complex and sophisticated family law matters with grace. Our family law firm provides solutions that take the long view, foster healthy family dynamics, and find focus for our client’s future.

At McKinney Figini we value,

  • Conflict reduction. We cut down contention and strive for considerate compromise to reach resolutions with grace and dignity.
  • Child-centered resolutions. We put the well-being of children first, always.
  • Client-focused futures. We place clients at the center of the decision-making process, never losing sight of attaining their vision of their family’s future.
  • Clarity and confidence. We bring clarity where there is confusion, focus to the path forward, and strategic guidance that creates confidence.
  • Constructive processes. We move your matter forward with efficiency, open communication, and collaboration.

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