What To Expect

Strength. Wisdom. Clarity. For all families.

Life’s transitions can be enormously challenging, fraught with uncertainty, and are often accompanied by intense emotions.

If you have a family law matter to resolve, be it a premarital agreement, divorce, child custody matter, child support case, or a non-marital relationship matter such as a cohabitation agreement, you undoubtedly have questions about what you can expect from the process.

At McKinney Figini we want you to be empowered and informed at every step along the way. No matter what your family law matter is, your engagement with us will begin with a brief intake call and then, if you choose, a consultation to see if our firm is the right fit for you.

What to expect during your consultation.

  • Confidentiality, protected by attorney-client privilege, whether you have retained us or not.
  • A brief overview of our practice and the values that drive our approach.
  • An attorney-led discussion of your family law matter, helping us gain an understanding of your unique situation and needs.
  • Time for you to share your goals and vision of what you would like your future to look like when this matter is resolved.
  • Legal perspective as it relates to your case along with general options for moving forward constructively.
  • Information about fee structures, including retainer payments.
  • A plan for next steps, such as scheduling your first strategy session.
  • Time for you to ask any questions you may have.

If you choose to work with McKinney Figini, there are certain things you can expect from us, no matter what your family law matter is and no matter who you are. These are values that drive our practice of family law and we keep them front and center in all of our client engagements.

Documents you may need.

You might be wondering what documents and information you will be asked to provide to McKinney Figini as you begin moving towards a resolution in your family law matter. Every case is unique and yours is no exception. Below you will find a list of items that may be requested as we start working on your matter.

  • Agreements related to the marriage or partnership: premarital agreement, post marital agreement, property agreement, cohabitation agreement;
  • Income and tax documentation: tax returns and supporting documents related to your income or business ownership;
  • Real estate documents: deeds, mortgage statements, rental agreements;
  • Legal planning documents: wills, trusts, powers of attorney;
  • Financial records: bank statements, investment accounts, retirement accounts, credit card statements, and statements of other liabilities.

At McKinney Figini we value,

  • Conflict reduction. We cut down contention and strive for considerate compromise to reach resolutions with grace and dignity.
  • Child-centered resolutions. We put the well-being of children first, always.
  • Client-focused futures. We place clients at the center of the decision-making process, never losing sight of attaining their vision of their family’s future.
  • Clarity and confidence. We bring clarity where there is confusion, focus to the path forward, and strategic guidance that creates confidence.
  • Constructive processes. We move your matter forward with efficiency, open communication, and collaboration.

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